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Inside 5D

To enter a 5D space you need to run a free browser plug-in. By clicking on the selected project on it will download automatically. You and your visitors can personalize the avatar, select gender and give it name.

Better understanding

The Real sized avatar helps you and your clients to feel scales and distances, understand connections between objects located in the space. One step of the avatar is equal to a real adult's step, your walk in the model is real time or rather as if you would physically walk through the space. By changing your avatar to an external viewpoint you can actually see yourself.

Walking around freely

The navigation of the avatar is simple with both the mouse and the keyboard. Avatar's can roam free in the area you have selected, hear the surrounding sounds, take measurements, take pictures or make videos of your trip, leave notes for yourself or others, change materials or textures.


All people that have entered the 5D space can interact with each other. If the avatar's move close to each other they can hear what the other is saying and they can talk to each other (the microphone and speakers, do of course need to be turn on).

Coordinate your efforts with your clients. In the 5D space, people can write messages, chat with each other, and make notes for another.

In - Follow me mode, you may invite someone to follow you in the model. Once they have accepted your invitation the other person will see and experience the same thing that you (the Guide) does.

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