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The basics

With Real5D you can transform 3D models into virtual space and present it to the public. People can walk around and interact with each other through avatars in your 5D space.

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Presentations - inside your model

With Real5D people can enter your modeled locations from all around the world, meet with you or your friends inside your model. During the walk around in the virtual space - you can look around, speak with anyone, chat with them or invite them to follow you in the model.

Meetings in Real5D are fast and easy. You can personally show the virtual modeled space to your clients, and can change the materials, textures according to your heart's desire and make or close deals with your client.

Your uploaded 5D projects can be seen by the world on, and you can share it via the link to your project.

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Get step by step support

To prepare your 3D model properly we give thorough support. On you can read articles of those things that you need to be aware of in preparing your model.

With the Create Wizard you can check and verify that you have taken all the essential steps to create your model properly. Create and then import your model from any CAD or 3D application, like ArchiCAD, Revit, Rhino, SketchUp, 3ds Max, etc.

We suggest using Autodesk's 3ds Max and V-Ray as the rendering engine for a realistic and professional look and feel, but if they are not at your disposal then you can you Real5D's own R5D Rendering Engine.

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Free software for editing

The software used to finish your 3D model is the Real5D Editor, once completed it can be uploaded into the cloud. You only need to sign up for Real5D, and we will send you the download link. The installation package includes a Plug-in, which helps you import the model in 3ds Max, if needed.

Edit your materials, make special effects, create reflections, for a more realistic look and then set the start position, create a minimap and upload your 5D project.

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Work online or off

Start, edit your 3D model offline, finish and upload it to the cloud form Real5D Editor. Manage 5D projects online on, share and invite visitors to see your work.

Store your work in the cloud, make changes on the model offline if your client requests modifications, and then upload it again.

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